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Providing professional real estate photography and interactive iguide virtual tours 

Taylor Here.. 

I think it’s time to introduce myself. Many of you already know me as that girl that spends most her time behind the camera, but for those that don’t stick around! 

Welcome to my recent venture in this crazy thing called life! I graduated from the Fanshawe College Photography Program and I have since found my love in shooting Real Estate which has led me here, now! Most my time is spent behind the camera (never in front!), with my nose in a laptop editing, spending time with friends family, or in the barn with my favourite 4 legged animals! 

I’d rather spend my time outside then in a mall, camping and the beach are my favourite go to summer activities + alllll the ice cream. 

Country properties will always have my heart (Especially with any kind of animal on it!) - Its also very possible to find me greeting an animal over a human first (Oops!) Waterfront homes and cottages are just as equally fabulous!

Over the last 4 years in this business, I have met a wonderful group of clients, many who have become good friends. I am always up for a challenge and love meeting new faces! 

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